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CPU Mobile Learning for Schools

A programme for today's students

Students' interaction with information technology is rapidly changing, and learning curriculums have been challenged to keep pace. CPU Group Ltd and your local approved resellers are proud to help UK schools manage this change through Mobile Learning, a comprehensive solution that facilitates new learning environments, while helping schools manage budgets, risk and administrative burden.

Fitting your school's needs

Working with your chosen supplier and chosen finance company providing financing, and CPU Group Ltd arranging protection service and providing online real-time administration, you can have confidence that your school is supported through the life of your Mobile Learning programme. Mobile Learning is fully flexible, allowing budget, equipment and technology costs to be quickly and easily planned and managed, with payment options and parental contribution levels that you determine. Mobile Learning programmes comprise the following product options:

Cash Payment Portals

CPU also provide cash payment portals for schools who do not want to provide parental contribution 1:1 schemes and which are approved by manufacturers for qualifying education discounts. In conjunction with your chosen supplier, CPU will create a portal with the agreed laptop or tablet computers for parents to visit, select their device and pay for it by credit or debit card. We will transfer the (funds less a small administration fee and our merchant charges) over to you with a list of parents and devices selected for you to raise a purchase order to the supplier you work with.

Request more information

To learn more about Mobile Learning options for your school, you can contact us here.

Industry-leading asset management

Our Schools Asset Management (SAM) system is part of the centralised Genie portal and allows a school to quickly and easily manage all assets belonging to their students within the Mobile Learning programme, plus offers a range of benefits over and above other asset management systems:

For more information on the SAM System, click here.

Fast and Efficient Claims Service

As CPU handle the repair and replacement process seamlessly through our Genie claim system, with authorised repairers on standby, you can be assured of a swift turnaround and minimal downtime for your students when a service claim needs to be made, all with real-time tracking information through a dedicated login.