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Our History

CPU Group Ltd was established in 1997 to provide high quality insurance products to a range of sectors and now, over twenty years down the line, we’re still doing just that.

Our continued success in recent times is down to a laser-like focus in two areas

  • Simplifying the asset management process
  • Making claims management and administration straightforward

Asset Management

Keep accurate and up to date information on IT equipment. With insurance from CPU, assets are organised automatically.

If any insured equipment is replaced by us, the device information is updated in real time by our approved partners without human intervention. This includes the updating of equipment and serial numbers as part of specific end user device management processes, such as Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

It’s all part of our GENIE system, which has been lovingly developed over the years to strip out unnecessary administration, giving you and your end users access to accurate information without any fuss on a 24/7 basis.

What is GENIE?

Get 24/7 access to real-time claim information at every stage

GENIE is our Global Engineering Network Insurance Engine. It’s a unique and easy-to-use web-based workflow system that offers accurate up-to-date policy, claims and service information.

With GENIE, your end users can say bye-bye to tiresome hosted word documents. All our forms, including our claims form, are fully hosted and embeddable giving a self-service system that’s fully paperless. When information is updated online with GENIE, it’s happening in real time and then available in all of your asset reports in an instant.

With a highly experienced service team at its side, GENIE forms the backbone of our business.

Why we created GENIE, and how it has evolved over the years

Ultimately, we wanted to simplify insurance and asset finance to offer total transparency to our customers and the end user. Our goal was to create an automated system to enable us to do just that.

CPU has been able to redefine IT insurance to offer up-to-the-minute, trackable and transparent products.

We work within strict service level agreements to delight our clients and ultimately their end-users.

All claim repair works are carried out by manufacturer-approved service centres. This ensures total piece of mind by protecting factory quality, which means warranties are never compromised.

With decades of industry experience, we’re committed to continually delivering the best products backed by the highest standards of service.

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