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Insurance solutions and device schemes for education

Get the full benefit of technology in the classroom without the admin burden.

We understand that students need consistent access to the latest IT equipment, but recognise the challenges in education IT budgets.

As an education technology insurance specialist, our range of intelligent insurance products can cover a range of student devices - from tablets to laptops. For additional peace of mind, we only use manufacturer-authorised service centres, preserving the manufacturer’s warranty and ensuring the highest quality repairs.

We can provide a solution that fits your school’s needs - whether that’s our intelligent insurance product or a full 1:1 device scheme driven by parental contributions.

Powered By Genie

Thanks to our unique and powerful system - CPU GENIE - we can help reduce the admin burden associated with parental contribution device schemes. We create bespoke online portals that enable parents to order equipment. CPU GENIE also reconciles and reports on all parents’ contributions, which are collected into a trust account on your behalf and passed to you monthly. The school can also use CPU GENIE to manage and monitor payments and claims in real-time, giving them complete visibility of the performance of the scheme.

Create the solution that works for you

Not all schools want a parental contribution scheme. That’s why we also provide cash payment portals for schools who want to go down a different route to enable 1:1 learning in their establishment. Such schemes are approved by manufacturers for qualifying education discounts and are created in conjunction with the relevant supplier. We create a portal with the agreed laptop or tablet computers for parents to browse, with a focus on making the selection and card payment process simple for everyone. We will transfer the funds (less a small administration fee and our merchant charges) over to you with a list of parents and the devices selected for you to raise a purchase order to the supplier you work with.

Peace of mind

CPU Mobile Learning insurance is designed specifically for education. You enjoy peace of mind as we cover equipment for Accidental Damage & Theft, both on and off campus, at home and abroad. Where your equipment purchase is financed, we also offer optional GAP and Misappropriation insurance cover, which settles the outstanding financial commitment where a parent leaves and stops contributing towards the cost of a device.

MyGenie App

Manage education programmes from anywhere

CPU has developed the MyGenie app helping both administrators and parents to look after their 1:1 schemes on the move.

To learn more about our Mobile Learning programme, please click here or select from the list below. Alternatively, contact us directly on 0345 872 2156.

To find out more about our Mobile Learning programme, visit our dedicated portal by clicking the Mobile Learning icon on the left.

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Enhance the learning experience

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