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We’re living in a hyperconnected world, and our mobile phones, laptops and tablets are integral to both our personal and professional lives. Mobile tech insurance is a huge market, that’s only set to grow – and for brokers, it can offer a valuable new revenue stream.

But when it comes to delivering a standout service, you need a partner with expertise and experience. With the established infrastructure to help you hit the ground running.

Boost your business with a proven partner

At CPU Direct, we’ve been offering industry-leading mobile tech insurance to businesses, schools and individuals for over 20 years. Working direct and through reseller channels, our technology-first approach and intelligent, self-service systems take the stress out of the claims process – giving our customers back control, and time.

We only work with authorised manufacturer repairers, ensuring that devices are fixed or replaced quickly and reliably. And thanks to our strict SLAs, you can be sure your customers will receive the best service – protecting their devices, and your reputation.

Ways in which you can work with CPU

  • CPU Direct Referrer – This is the simplest method for your company to work with CPU. Simply register via the CPU Direct website and we will provide you with a unique referral link that can be distributed to your customers. A customer signing up using the referral link will have your company noted as the referrer and any insurance policies purchased (present and future) will include a commission that will be paid out every 30 days.
  • CPU Distributor (also known as Introducer Appointed Representative or iAR) – For a more hands on method sign up via the CPU website and once approved you will have access to our Genie system and quote tool. In order to provide quotes and introduce CPU insurance products you will need to complete the distributor application form in Genie and pass due diligence checks carried out by our admin team. As long as this has been approved you can create and send quotes from our Genie system to your customers. There is also a method by which you can collect the premium from your customer directly. All quotes in Genie provide an option for commission.
  • Appointed Representative – Becoming an official appointed representative provides the most freedom and flexibility for quoting and selling CPU insurance products but it does involve a more in depth sign up and due diligence process. Generally we will work with you as an iAR (as above) first before looking at progressing to appointed representative.

Get in touch today to discover how you can expand your insurance offering with a best-in-class solution.

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